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Make Co-working

MAKE is home to Dubai’s free-lancers, start-up entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals on the go. 

Offering simple design, various communal work spaces, private meeting rooms, charging stations and presentation equipment, MAKE makes working easy. 

MAKE is equipped with the latest in design and technology. Bathed in plenty of natural light, MAKE is a space that feels good; a place we know will get you producing your best work! 

And don't forget to turn to your neighbor and say hello – the best perk of being at MAKE is the organic networking that takes place every day!



MAKE Co-working

Looking for a place to sort through emails over coffee, meet a colleague over lunch, arrange an interview, or set up a temporary office? Also wouldn't mind meeting like-minded professionals? MAKE is the place for you!


MAKE Packages

Co-working is all about flexibility, and our packages offer just that – the possibility to chose from a wide range of timings, browse the city’s fastest Wi-Fi connection and indulge in our award-winning menu. For rates, click on the MAKE PACKAGEs tab, or scroll down! 



MAKE Space

Co-working is all about options, and MAKE gives you variety when it comes to seating. Scroll down to explore shared tables, high tables, meeting rooms and more!